Email Automation Set-Up

The cornerstone of any email marketing strategy starts with Email Automation. This is because it works on autopilot to drive revenue and is triggered by customer behaviour. Think Cart Abandonment Flows, Browse Abandonment, Welcome Series & Post-Purchase.

Wouldn’t it be incredibly powerful to automate all these touchpoints in the customer journey? You can, and it’s hugely effective including copywriting, graphic design and technical implementation. You get to focus on being an entrepreneur while we handle the heavy lifting driving sales on autopilot.

Email Ecommerce

automated sequences

  • 6 Email “Flows” (automation sequences)
  • Lead generation software installation + pop-up design (exit-intent + abandoned carts)
  • Personalised design (graphics + copywriting)
  • Technical integration Q/A testing

Software required:Klaviyo & Privy – complimentary migration done by Magnet Monster

All Flows are built from scratch and include bespoke design + technical integration to your ESP.

£7,000 + VAT
$9110 USD

Individual Email Ecommerce Automation Set-Up (Flow-by-Flow)

Welcome Series Flow + Lead Generation Optin Forms £1,400 + VAT / $1820 USD
Cart Abandonment Flow £1,200 + VAT / $1560 USD
Post-Purchase Flow £1,200 + VAT / $1560 USD
Post-Purchase Repeat Buyers Flow £1,200 + VAT / $1560 USD
Browse Abandonment Flow £1,200 + VAT / $1560 USD
Customer Winback Flow £1,200 + VAT / $1560 USD
Other flows (Birthday Flow, Anniversary Flow, Sunset Flow, etc) £1,200 + VAT / $1560 USD

Once implemented, most stores see an immediate uplift of between 10-20% revenue attributed to a full Email Automation set-up.

Email Campaign Management

Whilst Email Automation is the cornerstone of any Email Marketing strategy, it’s your manual campaigns (think newsletter, sales promotions, industry news) that’s like adding fuel to the gasoline for your store’s sales.

This is because the ability to instantly connect with thousands of customers in their inbox in one click is unprecedented. We offer monthly Email Campaign Management, which includes proactive list-building to scale the effectiveness of your campaigns as well as A/B testing of existing email automation we’ve set up for your store.

Effective Email Campaigns can be responsible for up to 40% of your store’s monthly revenue. If you’re not yet leveraging this powerful way of connecting with your customers, you’re leaving a huge amount of money on the table.

Monthly Email

Campaign Management:

  • Includes A/B testing of automation infrastructure to enhance revenue
  • Strategising on email campaigns for the month + content to drive sales & traffic via email
  • List maintenance & advanced segmentation
  • Monthly reporting
5 emails
£1,200 + VAT
$1560 USD

10 emails
£2,000 + VAT
$2600 USD

Our Partners

Klaviyo is our speciality & go-to software for Email Marketing. This is because it’s unparalleled for driving revenue for e-commerce stores. We care about our clients getting the best results; that’s why we’ve partnered with the best software.

Anybody that comes to us on an existing ESP software, we perform a complimentary migration to Klaviyo, free-of-charge.

However, should you wish to stick with your current provider, prices outlined above are subject to an additional 30% surcharge.