Using marketing automation to grow your business on autopilot

In episode 6 of the Customers Who Click podcast I spoke with Adam Kitchen, the Co-Founder of Magnet Monster, about behavioural email (marketing automation) and how businesses can use...

Skyrocket Your Conversion Rate – Interview with Will Laurenson

CRO is the foundation any successful e-commerce store is built upon. Will Laurenson, founder of Monkey Blocks, talks us through the most crucial things to look for when optimising your...

Generate Leads like Crazy – Interview with Ben Jabbawy

Looking for explosive growth to your email list? There’s nobody better to ask for advice on this than Ben Jabbawy, CEO of Privy, Shopify’s most popular plugin. (more…)

Creating The Welcome Email Flow – The PickaPocket Project

In this week’s episode of the PickaPocket project, we guide you through creating the Welcome Email flow for new subscribers to the brand. (more…)

Revolutionising Sexual Wellbeing via Edutainment Interview with Tino Dietrich

Tino Dietrich, CEO of Ella Paradis talks to Magnet Monster about the challenges & opportunities in growing a sexual wellbeing/product brand in the United States. (more…)

Creating An International CBD Brand: Interview With John Flanders

Retail entrepreneur John Flanders explains how he stopped a gap in the market in the growing CBD space, by creating high-quality, face-to-face dialogue with his customers at brick and mortar...
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