Zopto is a cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool with a myriad of features for scaling up your LinkedIn outreach campaigns.

Needing to increase their volume of paying subscribers to their SaaS (software as a service), they approached us with the goal of generating leads on-site, improving their conversion rate and automating the onboarding sales process through email marketing.



We A/B tested two Lead Magnets for Zopto focused on Agency owners and individual users to first generate leads, and then followed this up with a 4-stage Welcome Series of emails designed to upsell the Zopto software.



In just over 3 months of launch, Zopto has registered over 1,500 new leads (and growing by the day) subscribing to their Lead Magnets, all of whom have successfully passed through the automation we’ve set up.

8.01% conversion rate on desktop over 30-day period

Over 20% conversion rate on mobile using Magnet Monster's Lead Monster laed generation technology

Contacts who subscribe to the Lead Magnet enter the welcome Email Series,where users are gradually upsold to the zopto sostware with strong CTA.

These emails consistently receive an open-rate around 25-30%,close to twice the industry average and click-through rate remains strong.

Example of an email in the welcome Series upselling to Zopto

the stats of the above email

Over 36% open-rate on an email campaign

in addition to the welcome Series,we have been executing monthly campaigns with zopto as part of our Email Marketing Mastery subscription,sending out 4 emails per month to all leads and delivering news on the lates features of Zopto as well as content relevent to Linkedin.

Zopto has enlisted Magnet Monster to devise their growth strategy for 2020 ad the premier Linkedin Saas platform.